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Lettings & Property Management 

Letting out and managing property can be a lucrative form of income – but it also comes with a range of issues that can crop up at any time of day or night:


●      Tenants have all sorts of queries that need to be attended to promptly  (after all you’re running a business)

●      Rental payments can be late for all sorts of reasons that are out of your control

●      The property could spring a leak, have wiring issues etc.

●      An appliance could break down


And these are just a few  examples of the type of headaches that might put you off renting out property – or take up time you really don’t have in an already busy lifestyle. 


Which is where Belvar Property Management comes in. We provide 24/7 property management services in London that guarantees you all the benefits of being a landlord without any of the hassle.


Belvar acts as a single point of contact between landlord & tenant, ensuring a smooth relationship that gives both parties excellent service and peace of mind.


We always have a team member available to handle queries and offer a whole range of property management services which can be tailored to suit your requirements. 


Our lettings and property management services include:


●      Rent collection 

●      Keyholding

●      Maintenance management 

●      24/7 contact 

●      Drafting contracts

●      Accounting services

●      Property furnishing 

●      Guaranteed 24-hour response time

●      6 monthly inspections


We’re here to save you time and money while making your life easier. And our aim is to never say no. So, if there are any other services you’d like us to undertake, we’re always prepared to create bespoke arrangements with clients.


And you can keep track of all our services or get in contact with us at any time with our easy-to-use app.

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