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Vacant Property  Management 

 If you own vacant in London, our vacant property management services are just what you need.

Whether you live overseas or simply don’t use the property as your main residence, it’s always in the back of your mind:

●      What if there is a leak or a flood?

●      What happens if the property is burgled?

●      Who attends if the alarm goes off?

●      Who pays the bills?

●      Who stops it looking like a vacant property?

All these questions can be stressful, costly and constantly bugging you. Because managing a property remotely is tough. And there are times when you need somebody onsite to allow access, oversee contractors, carry out an assessment etc.


Then there’s the insurance to think about. Many home insurance policies are invalidated if the property is not lived in or visited frequently.


We offer a full suite of management services for vacant properties in London, giving you peace of mind that your asset is in good hands and any issues will be attended to promptly.


Our vacant property management services include:


  • Regular visiting schedule

  • Arranging maintenance & repairs 

  • Forwarding and collecting mail

  •  Payment repair

  •  Tax returns

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