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Emergency and Out-of-Office Procedures

At Belvar, we understand emergencies can arise at any moment, necessitating immediate action, especially when our office is closed. Below, you will find comprehensive guidelines to assist you in such situations. Your safety and the integrity of your property are our utmost concerns.

Maintenance Requests

Should you encounter a maintenance issue requiring attention, please reach out to us without hesitation:

Email: Your request will be our priority, and we assure prompt action once office operations resume.

Emergency Procedures

In the event of an urgent concern that threatens your safety or the property, please adhere to the following instructions tailored to your specific arrangement:

For Block Residents

Refer to the emergency procedure information sheet available in the communal area.

In the absence of this sheet, please follow the guidelines provided for Single Unit Tenants below.

For Tenants Of Flats We Manage

For urgent issues, you are authorised to contact a preferred contractor. Rest assured, expenses incurred for genuine emergencies, which cannot be delayed until normal business hours, will be reimbursed by us.

Please note: These emergency measures are designated for critical situations only. Non-emergency usage may result in non-reimbursement of any incurred emergency call-out fees.

Specific Emergencies

  • Gas Leak: Immediately contact The National Grid at 0800 111 999

  • Electric Issues: For a total power loss, reach out to UK Power Networks at 0800 028 0247

  • Water Problems: If your water supply is unexpectedly interrupted, contact Thames Water at 0800 316 9800

  • Break-In: Dial 111 or 999 as the situation demands. Ensure you obtain a crime reference number for insurance claims.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Be assured, we are dedicated to addressing your concerns and ensuring your well-being upon our return.

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